Tien Nguyen

I am currently a junior at High School. Math has always been my favorite subject. I'm also passionate about teaching peer students, for I feel delighted to help others. At school, I am a member of the Key Club and Leo Club. I've had several experience with teaching/tutoring such as assisting a college professor in teaching IM2 throughout the summer and tutoring students at the Matheasy tutoring program.

My family immigrated from Vietnam five years ago, and I started my education here with zero English and no one beside to help me. Within the course of five years, I managed to elevate myself from being placed in easy classes for English learners to currently enrolling in challenging classes like AP Calculus AB and APUSH. From my experience, I can completely understand the desperate feelings of struggling with learning, so I am highly motivated to help those who are facing academic struggles when I’m able to.

My passion for tutoring was chiefly evoked by my experience as an immigrant in the US and also as a peer advisor during my sophomore year. Being able to help and/or influence others fills me with great pleasure. Another reason is that tutoring carries a twofold benefit: I can gain more experience with different types of people while contributing to the community.

As a tutor, I will always put in my best efforts to help you meet your demands, and I’m very welcomed if you want to email me to ask questions outside of our tutoring sessions.

August 2022
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