Soumyadeep Talukdar

Soumyadeep Talukdar is a student in the class of 2023. He is interested in math and science related topics, and has been passionate about those subjects since elementary school. He is, as of now, a sophomore at his high school, and is taking several AP courses including AP Calculus AB and AP Physics 1. He has several leadership positions which he tries hard to succeed in, and maintains good grades at the same time. He is excited to be a part of the DataEthics4All community!

Soumyadeep Talukdar is a student in the class of 2023. He is passionate about teaching and writing. He tutors Biology and AP Environmental Science at his high school, and used to teach mathematical concepts for a different organization. He is able to manage a club and tutor different subjects while maintaining good grades. His hobby is to write, and he is currently working on a novel series with another tutor from his school named Arav Tuteja. Soumyadeep looks forward to being a part of the DataEthics4All community and to work with new people.

Ever since I was in elementary school, I have been passionate about learning, and will always take a challenge when given one. Over the years I have gained numerous skills and information, and I hope to pass this down to other people in the form of volunteer work and tutoring. Studies show that you are likely to feel happiness when you are able to help someone, and every time I manage to teach something new, I feel happy. Tutoring allows me to use the skills I have acquired for a meaningful and helpful cause.

I believe I have the ability to contribute a lot to this organization since I have experience in tutoring and leadership. I have knowledge in math stretching from 7th grade math to calculus AB, so if anyone needs help regarding math, I will be available. I can also help with non-academic topics, such as creating a four year high school plan and information regarding what to do based on your interests and the major you are aiming to have once in college. I am dedicated and patient, so no need to fret if you do not know anything because I will do whatever I can to help you understand. After all, it is a teacher’s job to help his students and not judge them in a negative way!

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