Cayden Tu

I am a freshman in high school. I try to be an extremely hard-working student who shares a passion for different STEM subjects including math, science, and technology. At my high school, I am involved in the STEM club. I am also the contributing editor for my high school newspaper and a contributing writer for the Apogee Report, a STEM-centric student newspaper. Finally, I am on the Boys Tennis Varsity Team. Outside of my high school, I continue to work with the Inspirit Artificial Intelligence Ambassador program. With this program, I have had the opportunity to learn about new technologies and developments in artificial intelligence, employing my abilities as a writer to convey this information to other students through blog postings. I was also awarded with Valedictorian at my middle school, top 10% for the Math Olympiad contest, and competed in the San Mateo County STEM Fair for my science fair project. I simply love learning, and am eager to expand my knowledge of STEM through tutoring!

I enjoy collaborating with others to share knowledge and build a supportive atmosphere with teammates. I would use these leadership skills to develop a supportive, joint environment for tutoring my students. I used the importance of teamwork while co-developing a project utilizing Python to build an application for Amazon Alexa. For this, I created a plan to meet deadlines and shared weekly progress reports published to the project’s blog, Medium. This created a transparent, collective, and productive environment between high school students globally and mentors from prominent Silicon Valley companies. We chose to use AI to confront an ethical issue. Our application taught Alexa to register keywords that indicate misogynistic verbal abuse and provided an accurate response to discourage this aggressive language and promote gender equality. Additionally, I previously managed a team of four classmates for the First LEGO League Robotics team. I assigned tasks to my team members, coordinated schedules to set meeting times, and followed up with my team members to ensure that their assignments were completed on time. For our project, we worked with the Mid-Peninsula Water District to design, program, and build a robot that would address water conservation issues. During this time, I adapted scheduling demands when one of our members had a conflict that prevented her from meeting a deadline only two weeks out from our competition. I readjusted so that her tasks were distributed among the other team members so that we could still meet our goals. I enjoy environments in which I can use my organizational abilities to help others individually and collaboratively thrive. I carefully plan and manage my studying along with a rigorous academic schedule. I am an efficient communicator who follows-up with classmates after group assignments are made, such as sending summary recaps of each meeting. I also find creative ways to inspire each of my teammates to meet the deadline making sure they can rely on me for help.

I want my students to see how essential STEM is to our world. I want to share my STEM passion and knowledge to others.

I can help you because of my passion for STEM, and because of all my tutoring experiences: Currently, I am involved with a program called Meaningful Teens through my high school, specifically Project Ying Wen this year. In Project Ying Wen, I utilized Zoom to teach English to older elementary school children living in China. I really enjoyed this journey of seeing my students grow through their communication in English. I am able to use Mandarin to explain difficult concepts when needed. In addition, I have tutored elementary school students for San Mateo Park Elementary School homework central program through my middle school. I have tutored a 1st grader in the English Reading Program through a local library. The 1st grade boy I have tutored is from an immigrant family who came from Hong Kong recently, and his mom was worried about his English. I had to help him become passionate about language, and I found creative books for him to read, making a vocabulary list for him. Since he likes drawing and video games, I used video games to make him more interested in remembering vocabulary which he found very helpful.

August 2022
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